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White cotton gloves

White cotton gloves



White cotton gloves

Pack your dress like a pro with a pair of our pure white cotton gloves for just £2.39 (little as £1.50 each for pack of 10) For added peace of mind the gloves will protect your dress or garments from any grease or dirt being transfered from your hands. This is how Bridal shops and dry cleaners pack dresses to help preserve the garments for long and short term storage.  Add these gloves to any of our other items. If you only require the gloves get in touch prior to checkout so we can arrange cheaper shipping.


Sold in packs of 

1 pair

2 pairs

5 pairs

10 pairs


  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST ★ These white cloth gloves measure aprox 8 inch in length and are suitable for both men and women and can cover your wrist.
  • ★HAND WASHABLE AND RE-USEABLE  ★ Made of cotton fabric, these cotton inspection gloves are washable and re-useable for daily use. Soft, lightweight and  comfortable to wear
  • ★MULTIPLE USE ★ Thin work gloves are fit for clothing  material, matted photograph, archival and art handling, jewelry, sliver, gold and other precious metals.
  • * Gloves may vary slightly from picture.
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