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Tie the knot personalised bridal travel box. Free shipping

Tie the knot personalised bridal travel box. Free shipping



Tie the knot personalised wedding dress travel box


Personalise your box ready for your big day

Stand out from the crowd as you pass through the airport with your unique personalised wedding gown box, carry it on to the aircraft and place into the overhead locker for safe keeping, why chance having your dress in the hold of a plane.


This listing is available to purchase for everyone, however if you are a new client of "Tie the knot" they will give you a special discount code to use at checkout saving you over £25

Tie the knot are specialist wedding planners for couples looking to get married on the beautiful island of Cyprus and we are proud to supply their brides with beautiful boxes to safley transport their wedding gowns.


Here is just a little info.

Highly experienced wedding planners in Cyprus

Planned over 380 weddings since 2014

Lux Magazine 2021 Award-Winning Most Trusted Planner 

Featured Wedding Planner on Channel 4's

Sun, Sea, and Brides to Be

Chic Best Wedding Planners 2020

Click here to visit their website


Size. 55x39x20cm

Suitable for wedding dresses, evening gowns, bridesmaids dress etc etc.

Made from Very Strong TOUGH walled cardboard, finished in ice white and comes with 20  XL sheets of  acid free tissue paper. 

Our tissue paper is Acid Free and full size, 18g pure white (The very best)


White cotton gloves

Use white cotton gloves when handling your dress to avoid “fingerprinting” your dress. Fingerprints are invisible to start with but over time can appear as marks caused by sweat, grease or dirt etc.

Pack your dress like a pro with a pair of our pure white cotton gloves for just £1.99 extra. For added peace of mind the gloves will protect your dress from any grease or dirt being transfered from your hands. This is how Bridal shops and dry cleaners pack dresses to help preserve the garments for long and short term storage. Just select YES PLEASE from the drop down box, or select NO THANKS if not required.



Personalised text can be added to any of our boxes and can be anything you wish. Our standard font is Lucida Calligraphy (as pictures) but we can quote for another font subject to availability,most MS word and publisher fonts are available. Multi colours available.


You are responsible for all spelling and grammar.


We will set your text (Centralised) depending on the amount of words, and unless requested will be set to a max of A4 size. General rule is the more lines and/or words you have the smaller the font will be.


Personalised orders can take up to 10 days as we order direct from the design studio. You can ask us to apply your vinyl or it can be supplied for DIY.


*All colours shown are for representation only and may vary

The TTK logo and Bride will not be on this box just your chosen text.


Examples of text


My beautiful dress


Simon & Diane



The Future

Mrs James


David and Claire




Emma's Prom dress

Cheltenham College

May 2019



Bridesmaid dress


This is the STRONGEST box on the market and is very robust. 55 x 39 x 20cm Aprox size.
Can go as hand luggage on all Major airlines, BA, Virgin, EasyJet, Ryan air, United, TUI etc etc. Most airlines will allow this box as hand luggage to go in the overhead compartment along with a hand bag or lap top bag that you can fit under the seat.

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