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How to pack your garments

A few very helpful hints on how to pack your dress into your box

Just follow these simple tips for perfect results.

As well as the box you should always only use acid free tissue to wrap your dress, do not be tempted to use anything else as it will react with your dress. You must ensure that your dress is clean prior to packing and we would recommend that this is done professionally.

Use white cotton gloves when handling your dress to avoid “fingerprinting” your dress. Fingerprints are invisible to start with but over time can appear as marks caused by sweat, grease or dirt etc.

If you have lots of layers lay your dress flat on a clean surface and place acid free tissue between as many of the layers as possible.

Line the base and sides of your box with the acid free tissue and then start to fold/ layer in your dress placing the acid free tissue between as many layers and folds as you can to help give maximum protection. Then cover the dress/garment with more tissue and close the box.

Once closed keep the box flat to avoid it falling to one side or end.

Periodically we recommend that you open the box and re-fold your dress to help keep it in pristine condition.

Avoid storing your dress in a place that has extreme temperature changes like a loft, garage or un-heated basement.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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